A massive amount of training is needed to get all of us ready for this journey: ready to cycle thousands of miles; ready to traverse the Poles in some of the harshest and coldest conditions on this earth; ready to go through deserts with some of the hottest conditions we can imagine and ready to go through the Himalayas at high altitude and make an attempt to ascend Mount Everest, the highest mountain on this planet.

So our training has to be thorough and comprehensive over the next couple of years, and has to include not just physical but also psychological and nutritional. There are going to be moments where we will be saying to each other, “why are we doing this?” or when we are tired of each others’ company after two and a half years straight of going around the world together. It is going to be tough!

The main training aspects we will be working on are – click to see more of our efforts with them all:


Efforts climbing at the gym and on the rocks and cliffs will help not just in our physical and technical skills, but also in our general fitness, our psychological outlook and teamwork skills. It will be essential for building a base of skills that can be transferred to all aspects of this expedition, from the polar environments through to climbing Mount Everest.

Mountaineering and high altitude training

Training at high altitude and in icy and snowy conditions will be integral to this expedition, so the team will be embarking on a series of expeditions around the world, climbing peaks of at least 6,000 metres in height to build their mountaineering skills. We are about to embark on an expedition to the Bolivian Andes, and we are looking to other locations around the world for further training projects.

Strength and endurance

Hiking, climbing training, mountaineering, yoga, cycling, nutrition, gym… everything we are doing is also designed to build our strength and endurance in order to be in as good a shape as possible for this epic adventure.

Arctic and Polar survival

Facing conditions of -40C or so won’t be easy. Neither will walking over crevasse fields, sea ice which could break at any moment… and doing it in the middle of ice deserts for thousands of kilometres will simply be a massive challenge. We need to be prepared.

Nutrition and diet

Without good diets and eating habits, healthy living and nutritional training designed to help our bodies get into as good a physical condition as possible will simply make our life much harder over the three years of the journey. Balanced diets and care over all our food need to be taken.


Last but certainly not least, sound medical skills will be essential. An accident in the middle of nowhere may not just jeopardize the journey, but could put all of our lives at risk. Knowing how to react such situations is integral to our health and safety.

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