Arctic Survival Training

Going to the North and South Poles sounds such a simple and lovely idea, doesn’t it..?! Well, the ideas and dreams are amazing, though to be able to reach them, we are going to have to travel through extremely harsh conditions, with temperatures reaching -30C or much lower; terrific storms leading to white-outs; travelling over sea-ice in the Arctic, which can occasionally be weak and break under our own feet; and crevasses and high altitude in the Antarctic continent. Also, in order to travel over the massive distances at the Poles, cross-country skiing would be the preferred means, so we will need to ensure that our skills are up to speed with this.

So in January 2013, Ben, Natalia and Norm will all be meeting to go to northern Canada to practice survival in these conditions and to build our technical and endurance skills. Standby for further updates as the time approaches!

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