Medical Training

An easy point to be overlooked when we think about the romanticism of working on an expedition like ours is that of the medical side to the project. What would we do if one of us have an accident? How would react if we broke a bone 500 miles into the journey across the South Pole? An accident like this could put the whole team in jeopardy if we did not know how to react. This is an issue of absolute key importance.

Norm is already a trained Emergency Medical Technician, though even this won’t be sufficient enough for us to complete our project safely and successfully. As such we will all be working towards developing our skills with medical and emergency reactions, and how to deal with medical issues when there is nobody else around to help us.

As such, we are working Wilderness Medical Associates on courses such as the Wilderness First Responder course to make sure that we will be able to use all of our resources to safely take care of an injured person and make the best decisions for saving that person  – and the whole team’s – lives. Norm is taking the course now and Natalia and Ben will take the course before the start of the expedition in 2014.

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